The Magic Of Joy Community

Joy: A Different Kind Of Bold

Why The Magic Of Joy?

We bring together mature women who want a more joy-based life to free themselves from the confining models of the past, develop cultural and energetic discernment for strong personal sovereignty, and discover the wisdom and skill for living a joy-based life and participating in creating a fairer, healthier, and more thriving world.

We have a special soft spot and understanding of the challenges of those who have been marginalized or overlooked because they are different in some way, including sensitives/empaths, childless not by choice, and those who have had their lives derailed by injustices and cultural toxicity like narcissistic abuse. The Magic Of Joy is the place for a transformation out of the past into the new world waiting to be created.

The Results You'll Get

Our community, courses, and memberships are pretty special. We’re focused on the ways it will make a huge difference in your life.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of The Magic Of Joy:

  • Enhance your personal sovereignty by developing cultural and energetic discernment away from the constraining models of the past.
  • Uncover the wisdom and skills essential for leading a joy-based life that enriches and elevates your daily experiences.
  • Contribute meaningfully to the creation of a healthier, fairer and more thriving world, leveraging your unique insights and talents.

When You Join Today

When you join The Magic Of Joy today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Engage in Personal Sovereignty Courses: Learn to hone your personal power by participating in our online courses. These courses offer video lessons and chats to guide you on developing cultural and energetic discernment which would prove advantageous in your journey towards personal sovereignty. This simultaneously enables members to challenge and retire outdated ideologies, embracing a more joy-based life instead.
  • Partake in Wisdom and Skill Building Workshops: Brush up your skills and add more to your wisdom arsenal by immersing yourself in our skill and wisdom workshops. These interactive sessions aim to provide practical and easy-to-understand methods of integrating joy in everyday life, making the world more equitable and prosperous.
  • Attend our Joy-based Life Events: Rendering our mission into reality, these events are a great place to meet like-minded individuals and share experiences with each other. They provide an avenue for real-time interaction and help foster a sense of authentic connection while promoting a healthier, thriving world.